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Garage Door OpenersThere are so many garage door openers in Gardena to choose from. The area of Gardena is near the county of Los Angeles. The area holds about 58,000 residents and houses several casinos. You’re not limited to only one brand or opener type. You can have a combination depending on what fits your budget. There are even generic garage door openers, but more often, the brand name will offer a warranty and long lasting working parts.

Genie Chain Drive

Genie garage door openers are great for professionals and private owners. It is the only known garage door manufacturing company that provides completely blue prints for you. This is so you can fix it yourself. The chain drive can come in many sizes to fit your door needs. But, the thing about these specific opener types is that they are very noisy. The metal clanks and rattles loudly against the track. Yet, they are the easiest to get extensions for. If you have a 10-foot or 8-foot door, you can buy extensions to fit your chain drive easily. Another great thing is that they can be used for heavy-duty doors or homeowner doors. Most often, chain drives are seen on large garages that receive semi-trucks. You can find these garage door openers in Gardena.

Sears Belt Drive

Sears makes a variety of garage door openers in Gardena. The popular belt drive is known to be quieter than the chain drive. It’s not an actual thin belt, but a reinforced metal belt. This is why it’s less noisy than the chain. Also, belt drives have a tendency to open faster than the chain drives. Using a belt drive is ideal especially if the garage is below a bedroom, in case you live in a two-story home. The extension kits that are available for this type of drive may vary. For example, if you can purchase a kit for an 8-foot extension, but not for a 10-foot.

Chamberlain Screw Drive

Chamberlain door openers are well known for their whisper garage door opener. This garage door is incredibly silent when it opens. People have spoken highly of these openers because they help sustain a quiet neighborhood. This particular system also allows for a fingerprint, keyless entry. The screw drive garage door openers in Gardena have little moving parts. The technology used in this type of garage door opener is called torsion spring. It’s easier to move about over the tracks. But, it’s not available to buy in a 10-foot extension.

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