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Based on its size, you might think that Gardena is a small town.

Garage Door SpringsWhile it only covers a few miles, this town has nearly 60,000 residents living within the city limits. A large number of people work for the casinos in the city, but many others work for one of the medical centers or the large hospital. When you live and work in Gardena, you must have access to a qualified garage door company capable of hanging garage door springs and repair those springs. The only thing standing between you and a working garage door is the springs used in the construction.

Garage door springs look like ordinary springs but connect the garage door to the opening in the garage. You might have extension garage door springs on your door because these springs let a smaller door cover a larger space. You might also have overhead garage door springs that attach the door to the top of the garage or springs that sit on the sides of the door. Some of the other top types and styles of garage door springs include:

  •     Torsion coil trampoline springs
  •     Galvanized garage door torsion springs
  •     Oil tempered garage door springs

The type of repair that you need depends on the severity of the damage. The only way to discover the type of repair needed is with a call to the right company. When the technician arrives at your home, he carefully examines the springs and finds the problem. The technician might suggest that you need extension springs repair if he detects that the existing springs are slightly bent. If the springs are severely damaged, the technician might discover that you need a total garage door torsion springs replacement. Replacement only occurs when your springs are too damaged to continue working.

Routine maintenance of your garage door springs can prevent future problems from occurring. The trick to making this work for you is finding a company that specializes in regular maintenance. The technician applies special oil to the springs, which keeps rust from settling onto the metal. When you find a company that does regular maintenance, you also have a repairman standing by. The technician can also handle future problems, including repair of a garage door broken spring. You can get access to technicians with experience working in Gardena and surrounding areas by calling 310-735-0186.

The top Gardena garage door techs can help with any of your problems.

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