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Discover the secrets of garage doors and how you can maintain them in tip top condition with these tips

Defrost a frozen garage door using a heat gun

If ice has built up between the floor and the door and possibly on other parts of the system, you need to take a heat gun or a hair dryer to melt the ice. This is the safer and more efficient method compared to breaking the ice.

A rotting wood garage door must be repaired timely

The rot has to be removed with a chisel and a hammer and/or a die grinder tool. Not a single strip of rot must be left. The holes are filled with epoxy wood filler molded in advance. After this, an appropriate sealer is applied.

Cleaning the sensors

The garage door has two photo eye sensors, which maintain an infrared beam. This acts as a safety procedure as any interruption to the beam causes the door movement to stop. So, it is suggested that these sensors are cleaned at regular intervals to ensure smooth functioning of the door.

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