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Troubleshooting a Garage Door that Keeps Reversing

03/13/2014 Back To Blog

Troubleshooting a Garage Door that Keeps ReversingMany commercial garage doors come with an "auto reverse function," a safety feature intended to avoid accidents. However, this feature might become problematic. It may cause your door to keep reversing. You don't have to immediately contact a garage door repair service provider to deal with the problem. You can be able to provide the solution on your own by following the steps below.

  • Check the notification lights and sensors. Make sure that they are lit as they are supposed to be. Refer to the manual of your garage door opener for details on where to find these lights and sensors. Clean the "eye lens" of the safety sensor. Dirt or obstacles on the eye lens could be the reason for the erratic functioning of the safety feature.
  • Check the internal components to see if anything could be loose or broken. A broken garage door spring, for instance, can cause the full weight of the door to strain the arm of the door opener. An unusually strong force or strain applied on the opener arm is usually enough to trigger the auto reverse feature.
  • If you can't find broken springs or other similar problems, disengage the automatic door opener and operate the door manually to see if can be opened or closed without problems. If you find it difficult to move the door along the garage door tracks, it is safe to assume that the automatic opener is not defective and it is simply detecting an obstruction along the door tracks. These obstructions could be loose screws, dents, or the misalignment of the tracks.
  • Obviously, if the door runs along the tracks smoothly, the problem is most probably with the garage door opener. Have the door opener repaired by the manufacturer or store where you bought it. The components of these automatic door openers are more preferably repaired by professionals.

In sum, the unusual reversing of doors could simply be the result of petty problems like obstructions on the sensor or dents on the tracks.

Consider finding and fixing these problems first before calling for professional garage door repair.

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